Sunday, January 03, 2010

Grocery Deals & Coupons I Ordered

I posted the links to Mommy Snacks lists of Kroger and Meijer Deals.  I thought a few were extra noteworthy and wanted to post them here too.  I also wanted to show you examples of how I use My Favorite Way to Get Coupons.

The deal I'm most excited about is on Finish Dishwasher Gel Pack and Tablets.  The 20 ct boxes are priced at $3.29.  Today's paper had a coupon for $2.50 off one box.  I ordered 20 coupons on Ebay for $8.35...that includes shipping.  I stocked up just like this about a year ago and I am just now down to 3 boxes.

  $3.29 per box
+$.41 per coupon
-$2.50 per box
= $1.20 per box x 20 boxes = $24 for over a year's worth of dishwasher detergent $41.80 in savings!! 

My kids really like V-8 Fusion Fruit Drink. And my 3 boys will go through it pretty fast if I let them. It's priced at $2.49 for a 46 oz bottle.  Today's paper had a coupon for $.75 off one bottle.  I ordered 20 $.55 on one bottle coupons ( I didn't find the $.75 coupons on ebay but since both amounts double to $1.00 it didn't matter) on Ebay for $2.78...that includes shipping.

$2.49 per bottle
+$.14 per coupon
-$.75 or $.55 per bottle doubled to $1.00
-$1.00/2 bottles Meijer Mealbox Coupon
= $1.13 per bottle x 20 bottles = $22.60 = $27.20 in savings!! 
(Not familiar with Meijer Mealbox Coupons?)

I've been making lots of meals with canned diced tomatoes.  Hopefully my the tomatoes in my garden will do better next year and I'll have more in the freezer but since I don't have them now.... Cans of Red Gold Tomaotes are priced at $.79 each.  I ordered 15 coupons for $1.00 off 3 cans on Ebay for $1.64...that includes shipping.

$0.79 per can
+$.11 per coupon
-$1.00 per 3 cans
= $0.57 per can x 45 cans = $25.65 = $9.90 in savings!!

I bet you're thinking..."Will she really by 20 boxes of Dishwasher Detergent?"  Yes I will buy these to stock up at this price.

"Will she really buy 20 bottles of V-8 Fusion and 45 cans of tomatoes?"  Maybe or maybe not....I will stock up ... but I will look at the Use By Dates to see how long these can be in my Stockpile.  I'll also consider what I'm spending on the other things on my grocery list to see what I have to spend towards these Stockpile items.

I wanted to show you examples of how getting coupons on Ebay really can help add to your Stockpile! Go Here to see how I stockpile to save on groceries and other household items.

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Christina said...

Hey- that Finish deal is even better at Walgreens but you can only buy one at a time. They are 3.49 with $1 dollar in cash register rewards, so after coupon=Free! I'm going to do that for 4 boxes (one each day this week on my way home) and hit up Meijers for the rest. I'm with you I'll probably buy at least 20 boxes.

Becky said...

Thanks Christina!

Julie said...

Becky - I would be happy to buy some of the v8 fusion coupons or tomato coupons off of you, if you decide you don't need all of them! Let me know. I already ordered my dishwasher tabs - my supply is just starting to dwindle as well! Gotta love those great deals!

Becky said...

Julie - I'll let you know! I can't imagine that I'll really buy 45 cans of tomatoes and probably not all the Fusion either. I want to put together the rest of my list first though to see what I have to spend on stockpile items.