Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back to Getting Started...More Coupon Sources

I've had so much fun this past week posting about deals and learning quite a bit about the behind the scenes of the world of blogging! It's time though to get back to the Getting Started posts I started last week.

Ebay, the Newspaper and Internet aren't the only sources for coupons.

Stores like Kroger, Meijer and Target have their own store coupons that .... get this .... can be stacked with manufacturer's coupons for even greater savings. That means that if you have a store coupon and a manufacturer's coupon for the same item, you can use both!!

Kroger mails out coupons on a regular basis (I've not tracked just how often but I think it's monthly maybe.) Sometimes they come in the form of a magazine ... like the one pictured here that I received last week. It contains both store and manufacturer coupons. Kroger also sends out other coupons that come in an envelope. These also contain both store and manufacturer's coupons. The best part is that usually a few of the store coupons are for FREE items.

Meijer offers printable store coupons online at Meijer Mealbox.
In the box on the right side of the Meijer Mealbox screen is a tab labeled Specials (just underneath the logo show here and the box that says type ingredient here.) Click on the Specials tab and you will be taken to a list of available Mealbox Coupons that can be printed as many time as you want. They do though only print one per page. Save paper by going to Hot Coupon World's Meijer Coupon Generator. From there you can enter the number of each coupon you want to print and they will print several to a page.

Target offers online printable coupons too. They have just changed things quite a bit lately so hopefully I have the details correct. There is a list of available printable coupons here. the catch is that you won't know whether the coupon is a store coupon or manufacturer's coupon until you print it. Target's coupons can only be printed twice per computer.

Another coupon source are known as Catalinas. You know those coupons that the cashier hands you with your receipt? They are named after the company who provides this type of promotion for many stores. Sometimes a Catalina is manufacturer's coupon. Sometimes it's an On Your Next Order (OYNO) coupon. Catalina promotions aren't usually advertised deals. So blogs like this are the best place to find out about them. One word of caution.....for whatever reason... it's been my experience that the Catalina printers at the self checkout lanes don't work. If you're expecting a Catalina to print, don't use self checkout.

Start using all these sources to find the coupons to help you save on the things you already buy!