Saturday, December 05, 2009

My Favorite Way to Get Coupons

My favorite coupon source....especially for the best of the best stockpile worthy Ebay. Yes there are actually people who sell their time (I guess you're not allowed to sell the coupons themselves) to find, cut, sort and mail coupons.

Remember yesterday when I said that I bought 22 jars of peanut butter? I ordered 20 peanut butter coupons on Ebay for $1.50 plus the $.47 stamp. They were for $.50 off one jar. Kroger and Meijer double coupons so I paid $1.97 and saved $20 on peanut butter!

Each week I look through the grocery ads that are delivered on Saturday (you know the one's that are left in the driveway or hanging on the mailbox) to see what's going to be on sale the next week. Then on Sunday I match up any coupons I have with the sale items, make a list of the items I want to add to my stockpile and search Ebay for the coupons I want to buy. I always order them on Sunday or Monday morning at the latest. All but one time, I've received them before the end of the week.

The listings on Ebay can be either an auction format or Buy It Now. I choose the Buy It Now so I know that the coupons will be on their way to me asap.