Friday, December 04, 2009


Stockpiling only makes sense when you can get things for rock bottom prices. Grocery store sales alone help. Coupons alone help. But pair up a great sale along with coupons and that is when you'll truly reach the best price! So where do can you get coupons?

The first and most known place is the Sunday paper. There can be anywhere from one coupon insert all the way up to 4 inserts in the Sunday paper. (Tip: Except Holiday weekends when there are none) You can go out each Sunday morning to buy a paper, have it delivered to your house or ask neighbors who may not use coupons for theirs.

I'll let you in on something I found out. If you live in my area...Greater Cincinnati...there is a great way to save on the delivery of the Sunday paper. Follow me for a second before I get to the good part. First go here to subscribe to the Bethel Journal. Bethel is on the East side of Cincinnati and you can get their community paper mailed to you weekly on Thursday's for $18 a year if you live in Clermont County or $20 a year if not. Now here's the good part .... an annual subscription to the Bethel Journal includes the delivery of the Sunday Enquirer at no extra charge! I know several people who have several subscriptions to get several sets of coupons.

Another great source for coupons that is being used more and more frequently is the internet. Did you know that you can print coupons right from your own computer? Some of my favorite sites are:
I know there are others. I'll add more as I think of them.

Store displays are another place to find coupons. Some may be in booklets, maybe with recipes, while others are in "blinkie" machines attached to the front of store shelves. (Some have a red light that blinks hence the name "blinkie") Watch for them as you grocery shop.

Watch for and request free samples of the things you use. The samples usually come with coupons for that same item!

I think I'll save my favorite coupons source for my next post.....I think it's worth a post all of it's own!