Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Q Hunter Plus a 25% off Code

Have you used a coupon clipping service before?  Did you know that kind of service existed?
Find a Discount Code for Saving Bits and Pieces Readers Below

I've mentioned The Q Hunter a few times before but wanted to tell you more about the service.  I heard about The Q Hunter from my aunt not too long ago.  In the past my source for ordering coupons was ebay.  I'm happy to have added The Q Hunter as the source I go to first now.

Sounds like The Q Hunter uses stockpiling to save like I do.  Her hard work of cutting and sorting coupons weekly allows customers to buy multiples of coupons to be combined with great sales to save by stockpiling.  The Q Hunter sold coupons on ebay first.  Because of ebay fees and her desire to offer coupons at the lowest possible price she moved her service to her own website.  Fewer fees for her means lower prices for us!

The Q Hunter's Storefront is very easy to navigate.  Coupons can be found in various ways using the list on the right side of the storefront labeled "Insert Date."  "Hot Coupons" are those that The Q Hunter knows will match well with upcoming sales.  Search by insert date to find coupons that came out the same dates.  The way I usually search is with the search window on the right side of the page.  I enter key words like toilet paper or peanut butter ... or brand names like Angel Soft or Skippy to find the coupons I want to order.  There are also whole inserts available for purchase.

Some coupon listings may say that they will not be available until Tuesday.  That is because in addition to local inserts (Cincinnati area) The Q Hunter also gets inserts from out of town and they take longer to get to her.

The coupons are priced per coupon.  The price varies based on the value of the coupon but most I've seen have been priced around $.08 to $.30 per coupon.  The listings show how many of a particular coupon are available.  Enter the number you want to order. Remember The Q Hunter is a smaller coupon clipping service.  Some coupons may have limits to the number you may purchase.  Please don't order more than 30 of any one coupon without emailing Cindy (The Q Hunter) first.  I know of an instance when The Q Hunter helped my aunt with a large number of coupons to help her use coupons to purchase many items for Christmas donation baskets.

A minimum of $1.00 is required per order.  Shipping charges are determined by the amount of your order.  First Class Shipping is $1.00 for orders totaling from $1.00 to $2.99, $.44 for orders totaling $3.00 to $4.99 and FREE for orders over $5.00.  There is a 9am cutoff for shipping.  Coupons ordered before 9am will go out that same day.  I order on Sunday's and have had my coupons by Tuesday every time.

I ordered coupons for Nature Valley Granola Bars (see deal senario here) and Barilla Pasta last night.  I'll be adding both to my stockpile!

So now for the Discount code I mentioned above.  From now through Friday March 12th the first 50 Saving Bits and Pieces readers using code SBPMarch7 will save 25% on their order of $2.00 - $100.00.  Yep that's right you can save on coupons that will help you save even more!!   So set up your account, get your coupons ordered and save as you add to your stockpile!!

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