Monday, January 11, 2010

Coupons I Ordered

I posted the links to Mommy Snacks lists of Kroger and Meijer Deals.  It's a great stock-up week! Let me say that again...It's a GREAT stock-up week!!  I ordered coupons using my Favorite Way to Get Coupons and a new way to that I think is going to be another favorite!  There are lots of printables that make for some FREE (and almost free )things too!  Check out the links on the Kroger & Meijer lists to get the internet printables.

I've told you about My Favorite Way to Get Coupons and I hope this new way becomes my other favorite way.  My aunt told me about a site called The Q Hunter.  It is a coupon clipping service and I ordered 3 sets of coupons from there this week.  First, I like that I can choose the quantity of each coupon I order.  I also like that my coupons will all come together in one only one to watch for.  They also have shipping priced on a tier with the highest shipping amount being $1 and FREE shipping on orders over $5.00.  I'll post later in the week when my coupons get here hopefully to add this site as a new favorite way to get coupons.

Here are the coupons I ordered:

Ronzoni Pasta is part of Meijer's 10 for $10 Get the 11th Free or $1 per box.  There is a manufacturer's coupon out for $.75 off one box.  I ordered 9 (that was all they had left) coupons from The Q Hunter.  They were $.10 each.  I'll need to use these in multiple transactions since Meijer only doubles 2 identical coupons per transaction.

  $1.00 per box
+$.10 per coupon
- $.75 (doubled to $1.00)
= $.10 per box x 9 boxes = $.90 for 9 boxes of pasta.  $8.10 in savings on the sale price!! 

There was a Johnson and Johnson coupon out recently for $1.00 off any baby product.  J&J has a product called Buddies Soap that my boys really's a bar of soap with a mesh covering so it doesn't slip out of their hands.   Meijer usually has them priced right at or very near $1.00.  I ordered 10 at $.15 each.

$1.00 per bar
+$.15 per coupon
= $.15 per bar x 10 bars = $1.50 for 9 bars of soap.  $8.50 in savings!! 

Last week Meijer had Cottonelle Toilet Paper 6 double roll pkgs for 1/2 off.  I missed this in the ad or I would have ordered coupons last week but it was still a good price and we were out of toilet paper.  I guess I got lucky in a sense....the Cottonelle was out of stock.  I asked for a raincheck at customer service.  Ordering coupons now didn't occur to me until last night.  Now I'll be able to save even more with the raincheck and coupons.  I ordered 12 coupons for $.50 off Cottonelle for $.05 each.  I realize this isn't a deal that you can take advantage of now but I wanted to use the example to point out...Always get a raincheck if something that is on sale is out of stock. 

$2.79 per 6 Double Roll Package
+$.05 per coupon
-$.50 coupon (the first 2 will double but the other won't. Raincheck says I can buy up to 12 pkgs. I think I'll have to buy all 12 in one transaction so the other 10 will rung up at face value)
= $2.25 per 6 Double Roll Pkg x 12 pkgs = $27.08 = $39.88 in savings!! (remember that the sale price was 1/2 off the original price)

Kroger is running a similar sale with lots of items priced at 10 for $10....of course $1.00 each.  Gatorade is one of those items.  Yesterday's paper had a $.50 off Gatorade coupon.  The Q Hunter was out of this coupon so I ordered it on ebay instead.  I ordered 20 coupons for $6.99.

$1.00 per bottle
+$.35 per coupon
-$.50 coupon (all will double to $1.00 since Kroger has no limit on the number of identical coupons that will double)
= $.35 per bottle x 20 = $7.00 = $13.00 in savings!!

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