Sunday, September 19, 2010

Today's Accomplishment and What's to Come

Until 4 years ago walking into a gym was not part my routine.  Actually it wasn't something I'd ever done.  Exercise just wasn't part of my life.  Sure I'd take a walk outside, go for an occasional bike ride or hike but that was it.  That has changed!!

4 years ago we became members of the YMCA.  It didn't take long for me to become hooked on exercising! Now regular work outs are part of my life ... the time I spend at the gym is my "Me" time.  The sense of accomplishment I feel after finishing a workout does so much for me mentally and of course it's good for me physically too! 

A little more than a year ago I found the courage to try a Group Cycling Class.  I hated did not like it at all during that first class.  I watched the clock.  I thought I was going to die. (I was being a little dramatic I'm sure.) I wondered "Will anyone notice if I get off this bike and leave?"  Well I didn't leave instead I finished the class.  I actually finished it and I didn't die.  I went back for another class a few days later.  And now 17 months later cycling classes are my addiction routine 2, sometimes 3, mornings a week.  It is a great workout.  The classes I take are very upbeat with everyone in the class offering motivation to everyone around them.

My instructor (and now friend) has mentioned an event called Spin for the Cure several times over the last year and more so lately as this year's event gets closer.  I knew that I wanted to participate on some level.  Last year's event was 4 hours long.  Could I cycle for 4 hours?  I decided to try it.  Then I found out that this year's event would be 5 hours.  Could I really cycle for 5 hours?  With the encouragement of family and friends I have decided that I can.

Today I participated in and finished a 3 hour practice at the Y.  The 3 hours went by sooo fast! 
And I did it!!

Next up is Spin for the Cure benefiting the Susan G Komen for the Cure on October 9th.  I'm so excited to be part of this event. It is such a great cause and I'm honored to be participating! There are still spots available.  If you are interested in joining me, you can register to do all 5 hours solo or as a team of up to 5 people who can choose how they split up the 5 hour ride.

Sunday's for me are usually busy blogging days.  I try to post my Menu Plan, Jungle Jim's, Kroger and Meijer Weekly Ad info regularly on Sundays.  This week all of those posts will come on Monday instead.  I'm on an emotional high and physically tired out.  I know my regular Sunday posts won't get the effort I usually put into them if I do them now.

Have a great evening!!

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katy said...

Congrats! Three hours is amazing! Good luck in the Spin for the Cure.