Saturday, May 22, 2010

Meijer, Entenmann's & Jungle Jim's Trip

I went grocery shopping yesterday.  I can't believe that it's been almost a month since I posted about a grocery trip.  I have made some trips over that month but mostly only for bread, milk and produce.  Even still my freezers are still well stocked from my last Freezer Cooking Day and my stockpile shelves are full.  My hubby was traveling for work the first week of May.  That meant that the boys and I ate much simpler meals that usual. (It's no fun to cook a big meal for just me and the kids.)  Then came our trip to Chicago.

I babysat for my neighbor's 11 month old yesterday.  I totally forgot how different shopping with a baby is .... not bad .... just different.  Having a little one in the cart means there was no place for my coupon binder to sit.  I still love my binder but I understand even more now why it isn't a method that works for everyone. 

My first stop was Meijer.
I went there primarily for Crystal Light On the Go packets.  It is on sale for $2.00/box.  There are several great printable manufacturer's coupons (here and here) that paired with a Meijer Mealbox coupon make the Crystal Light Free.  Plus there is a promotion going on ... Get a Free Meijer Water 12 pack when you buy 3 Crystal Light, Kool-aid or Country Time Lemonades.  I don't usually buy bottled water but when they're free....  I'm going to put the 4 12 packs I got away to use for the Back To School Drive later in the Summer.  There is a limit of one Free water per transaction so I did 4.

I was pleasantly surprised that the Buy $20 in General Mills, Betty Crocker and/or Yoplait products, Get a $10 Catalina I missed out on last week was still going on.  That added a little to the time my Meijer trip took since I wasn't prepared for it. My $10 catalina didn't print but Customer Service took of me.

Here's what I bought ...
12 Boxes of Crystal Light On The Go Packets - $2.00 - Free After Coupons (here and here)
4 12 packs of Meijer Water - Free with Crystal Light Purchase
3 Bags of Meijer Pretzels - $.99
2 lb Strawberries - $2.50
36 Yoplait Yogurt Cups - $.40
Used 3 $1/8 Yoplait cups (I forget what mailer these came in.)
1 Box of Yoplait Go-Gurt - $2.49
Used 1 $.35/1 coupon
2 Boxes of Betty Crocker Brownie Mix - $2.22
Used $1/2 coupon from same mailer as Yoplait coupons.
2 Family Sized Bags of Tostitos - $4.99 On Sale BOGO
1 Package Oscar Mayer Hotdogs - Free with Kraft Sample coupon
1 Bottle Bulls Eye BBQ Sauce - Free with Kraft Sample coupon
1 Package Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon - Free with Kraft First Taste coupon
4 Vine Ripened Tomatoes - $2.45
3 Colored Bell Peppers - Reduced - $1.43
2 Cans of Black Eyed Peas - $.69 ea
1 Can of Mexi Corn - $1.19
2 Packages of Pecan Sandies - $1.89 ea
Used 2 $1/1 Printable coupons

All transactions total I spent $25.13 and saved $90.89 ... $49.49 of that was coupons.  That's 79% saved!

My next stop was The Entenmann's Store.  It's time to use the 50% off coupon in the Midwest Bakery Calendar.

I bought 8 loaves of bread, 3 packages of Thomas' English Muffins, 2 bags of bagels and 1 package of hamburger buns.  I spent only $8.43!!

Jungle Jim's was my last stop.

Here's what I bought....

1 gallon of milk - $1.98
1 bag of reduced Bananas - $.85
2 Bunches of Cilantro - $.75 ea
3 Zucchini - Reduced - $1.92
2 Packages of Tomatillos - Reduced - $1.47
1 Bunch of Green Onions - $.40

I spent $8.04.  My savings is hard to track since I don't know the original price for the reduced produce.

My day was pretty successful!

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