Saturday, March 06, 2010

Sometimes Plans Change

There seems to be a common theme at our house for the last few days .... sometimes plans change!  Of course I knew that before ....

Last week when I did our menu plan I had a dinner at home planned for each night.  On Tuesday, our boys .... All 3 of them .... were invited for a sleepover at a friend's house on Friday night.  No kids for a whole night ... WOW!!  So of course hubby and I didn't have Chicken Tetrazini for Dinner.  We made plans for a much needed date night with dinner out and a quiet morning at home on Saturday.  Then I heard that Ikea was having $1 Meatball Meals this weekend.  So that added to the fact that my boys were having pizza at the sleepover, we decided to change our menu plan for Saturday from homemade pizza to meatballs instead.  Add that to PJ Day and free ice cream at Bruster's .... sounded like the perfect family date night out for Saturday.  (Read on because my information about Bruster's PJ Day was wrong.)

So all of that sounds like good changes right?  Well yes the boys went for their sleepover and hubby and I had a great night out.  Then the phone rang at 3:30 am.  My middle son, Logan, had just gotten sick all over his sleeping bag at his friend's house.  Off we went to get him.  We got a few more hours of sleep and woke to Logan still not feeling great but asking for breakfast.  Good sign for the day, right?  We played as a family outside .... in the 50 degree sunshine .... Logan included .... for hours.  We had lunch on the deck and decided that the plan for Ikea and Bruster's was still on.  4 of the 5 of us got showers and dressed in our PJ's.  Then Logan came to me and said "Mom I think I'm going to be sick."  And he was right.

Now what's for dinner?  We decided that the other 2 boys and I would go to Bruster's and come back home for a chicken nachos/tacos dinner.  This is where having dinners prepared ahead and in freezer is so valuable!!
The 3 of us got to Bruster's in our PJ's and found a PJ Day poster in the window.... with a date of March 20th.  Remember today is March 6th.  I commented that I thought the PJ Day was today.  A manager (I think) came to the window ... commented how cute my boys were in their PJ's and asked what kind of ice cream we wanted in our waffle cones.  She then told the boys to make sure to have me bring them back on the 20th for another FREE cone! She didn't have to give us our ice cream for FREE today but by doing so she made a future customer out of me .... that and the fact that the Cherry Cheesecake ice cream is to die for!!  So mark your calendar for PJ Day at Bruster's on March 20th.

So yes life is full of changes ... some good and some not so good.

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