Sunday, March 21, 2010

Earn with Lightspeed Consumer Panel

Stockpiling, couponing and saving money on the things you already buy are all great ways to add to your household's bottom line.  Taking surveys online is another.  Your opinions, thoughts and feelings really matter in the development, design and re-design of any and every product and service out there.  Companies are willing to pay you for that information.  Lightspeed Consumer Panel is one of my favorite online survey companies. 

Taking online surveys isn't a way to get rich quick .... but is an easy way to earn a little extra. There are many survey sites.  I would never recommend paying for a list of sites or paying to sign up with a survey site.  There are so many out there that you can sign up with for free.  Some companies pay by check when you've accumulated enough points.  Lightspeed, much like Swagbucks, has a whole list of things you can buy with Lightspeed Points.  I have saved up my Lightspeed points to "buy" restaurant gift cards for teacher's gifts the last 2 years for Christmas. 

If you are new to online surveys (or even if you're not) I would highly recommend setting up a "Survey" email account.  Use this email address when signing up with new survey companies.  Do this for 2 reasons.  First don't clog your personal email address with survey offers.  Second, I like being able to log into my survey email account and just do survey after survey without the distraction of other emails.

Once your Survey email account is set up, sign up with Lightspeed and watch for the survey offers to start coming in!  Some weeks I see more surveys than others.  Most start with a short screener before the actual survey so you won't qualify for them all. 

Oh and don't forget about Roboform too!  It will make signing up with Survey companies ... and even some parts of surveys so much easier!!

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