Sunday, March 21, 2010

Menu Plan Monday --- The Survival Edition

I was pretty happy with last week's Menu Plan.  I had the best intentions of eating at home every night ....with one night's dinner being multiplied several times to add to my freezer of dinners.  I keep saying that a Menu Plan is just a plan and that things come up and change.  But somehow I forget that??

Well this week things really changed around here.  We found out Monday that my hubby would be leaving on Tuesday (less than 24 hours notice) for 10 days in New Jersey.  He is an insurance adjuster and on storm duty ..... ie working lots of flood claims in this case.   I am thankful not to be dealing with water (in some cases feet of water) in my home.  I can't begin to imagine the clean up involved!

Luckily my husband doesn't travel very often.  I am very blessed, lucky, spoiled and so much more by how much my hubby does so having him gone means that I have go into a Survival Mode.

Last week we had 3 of the 7 dinners I had planned, went out to eat twice, had leftovers once and had pizza delivered for Zachary's birthday party instead of making homemade pizza.  This week's Menu Plan has one of last week's meals carried forward and more convenience food than usual.  All of the chuck roasts I bought last week have gone into the freezer and will be there to be defrosted when I'm ready to spend the day making Hungarian Goulash

We're half way done....5 days down and 5 more to go.  Oh and you'll see that I get to go away for the night with friends on Saturday night.  Boy I'll be ready for that!  And then my hubby and boys will all be home for Spring Break Vacation next week.  Yay! I'm looking forward to some much needed family time.

Here's what's for dinner this week....
  • Monday - Stuffed Baked Potato Bar --- Diced Chicken, Cheese, Sour Cream, Broccoli and/or Salsa
  • Tuesday - Carry Out after Karate and before babysitting here for a neighbor's 9 month old
  • Wednesday - Pumpkin Pancakes, Ham & Fruit
  • Thursday - Ham, cheese & spinach panini sandwiches & pretzels
  • Friday - Bagel Bites (Free at Meijer Last week) w/ carrots for the boys.  Steak Dinner for hubby & I when he gets home.
  • Saturday - My guys will be on their own while I'm away in Indianapolis with friends from grade school!
  • Sunday - Hamburgers, veggie & homemade fries
What are you having for dinner this week??

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