Friday, February 05, 2010

Time Saving Cooking

Several weeks ago I told you about my Time Saving Cooking/Freezer Cooking.  We eaten a lot of the meals I prepared that night but still have a few in the freezer.  Tonight's cooking was completely impromptu (last time was pretty spur of the moment too but I put more time into planning meals) after my Kroger and Meijer Trips

Homemade Pizza was on the Meal Plan for tonight .... and with 4 boys (2 of mine and 2 extras ... ages 9-12.  My 3rd boy was at a sleepover) to feed I knew that I needed plenty of pizza.  I wanted Buffalo Chicken Pizza and the boys wanted Sausage Pizza.  If I was going to be cooking both Chicken and Sausage anyway it made sense to cook extra of each for the freezer.  I love having meals or at least parts of meals cooked up and in the freezer.  It makes the hectic after school homework chaos so much easier!

I started with this....


And ended with this.....

Sorry for the poor picture.  It does no justice to what I accomplished in a very short time tonight!

Now in my freezer are six bags of crumbled Italian Sausage .... perfect for pizza, 3 bags of bite sized pieces of Italian Sausage .... perfect for Corn Sausage Chowder, Coq au Vin alla Italiana etc and 3 bags of diced chicken .... perfect for Chicken Tettrazini, quick chicken salad and so many other things.  While I don't have exact plans for each of these meats now .... when I'm ready to use them I'll be one step closer to having dinner ready!

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