Friday, February 05, 2010

Kroger & Meijer Trips Feb 5th

I fully expected to start this post by saying "Yes I know that going to the grocery store hours before a winter storm hits is completely crazy!"  I was pleasantly surprised though.  That's not to say that Kroger and Meijer weren't busy today BUT they weren't crazy busy like I expected.  Plus everything on my list was in stock.   

If I expected it to be so crazy why did  I go at all?  One benefit to a good stockpile is that even when expecting 8-11 inches of snow (like we are now) there's no need to run to the grocery store.  So why did I go today??  We all know about the Kroger Mega sale right?  Well it's a 2 week sale ending this Sunday.  Week one happened to be week two of my Eat from the Pantry Challenge no Mega sale shopping that week.  I spent most of last week's grocery budget for yummy food and drinks for the Celebrate Our Memories House Party I had here last weekend.  So the start of a new week (pay period) meant that I could finally put my Mega Sale planning into action today.

Here's what I bought .... mostly items to add to my stockpile.
8 Boxes of Zesta Saltine Crackers ~~~ $1.69 ea
4 Bags of Goldfish ~~~ $1.38 ea
4 Boxes of Capri Sun ~~~ $1.78 ea
1 Pkg Dixie Napkins ~~~ $1.99
1 Bottle French's Mustard ~~~ $1.69
2 Bottles of Frank's Red Hot Sauce ~~~ $1.69 ea
5 Diet Pepsi 2 liters ~~~ $1.29 ea
1 Bag Armour Meatballs ~~~ $1.99
3 Cans of Hunts Diced Tomatoes ~~~ $.99
1 Can of Rotel ~~~ $.92
1 Gallon of Milk ~~~ $2.28
1 1/2 Gallon of Chocolate Milk ~~~ $1.69  See How to Get FREE Chocolate Milk
2 Chuck Roasts (@ 4 lbs) ~~~ $14.93
1 Dz Eggs ~~~ $1.29

I spent $25.35 out of pocket and saved $63.79 ... $18.19 of that was in coupon savings and $15 was Mega Sale Savings!  That's 72% saved!!

My next stop was Meijer.  I couldn't pass up the GREAT deal on Johnsonville Sausage.  We use Italian Sausage in many dishes.  Corn Sausage Chowder, Homemade Pizza and many others.  With the sale price of 2/$5 combined with manufacturer's coupons and Meijer Mealbox coupons I paid only $.50 a package!!  Check out how I cooked a lot of it up .... and the chicken I bought too ... to make meal preparation much faster!


Here's what I bought....
8 Pkgs of Johnsonville Italian Sausage ~~~ $2.50 ea
3 Pkgs of Johnsonville Smoked Sausage ~~~ $2.50 ea
6 Crescent Rolls ~~~ $1.25
2 Pkgs of Broccoli ~~~ $1.50 ea
1 Bag Baby Carrots ~~~ $1.50
1 Bag Frozen Green Beans ~~~ $1.89
1 Bag Frozen Corn ~~~ $1.89
1 Bunch of Bananas ~~~ $1.54
1 Bag of Grapes ~~~ $3.12
2 Cans of Cream Corn ~~~ $1.00 ea (Ouch but with all the sausage it's a given that we'll be having Corn Sausage Chowder next week)
2.5lbs Boneless Chicken Breasts ~~~ $6.68

I spent $25.52 out of pocket and saved $63.78 ... $31.00 of that was in coupon savings!  That's 71% saved!!

I'm happy to have lots of meats, some veggies and fruits plus snacks on hand.  I only spent $50.87 of my $80 weekly grocery budget. 

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Noelle said...

Great Shopping, especially since you were able to stock up on meat. That can be such a budget breaker! Kudos to you!

Saving Addiction said...

I love being under budget! Last month i was $4 under budget and felt like i won the lottery! Great Job!