Sunday, January 31, 2010


Get in on the fun! Have you heard of House I hadn't until a few months ago when a friend invited my boys to a Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 House Party.  They got to watch a new Hot Wheels cartoon and came home with a bag of Hot Wheels goodies.

Here's how it works .... House Party offers parties with a wide variety of themes ... new ones all the time ... to host a get together with friends.  You'll get a sneak peak at products, offers or TV shows coming out.  Register with House Party, watch for a theme that interests you and Apply to be a host.  If selected you'll receive a party pack with the supplies to host your party. Some upcoming themes are Sandwich Revo

I hosted my first House Party last night.  I was soooo excited to see this party offered.  It was called Kristin Hannah's Celebrate Our Stories.  I have read several of Kristin Hannah's books including Firefly Lane.  About 4 weeks before my party I received my party pack.  It had 12 hardback copies of the book Firefly Lane, 2 hardback copies of Kristen Hannah's book True Colors and an advanced author's copy of the new book Winter Garden.  Winter Garden is being released later this week.  I gave Firefly Lane to each of my friends/guests to read before the party.  We got together to talk about it ...  and of course lots of other things too ... last night.

Firefly Lane is the story of 2 girls who meet as children and spend their lives as friends with lots of ups and downs.  When I think of time with my girlfriends as a child & teenager I can't help but think of all the nights we spent together at slumber parties.  I had my friends come dressed in their PJ's for a "Slumber Party" without the sleepover.  (We never slept much at slumber parties anyway, right?)  Since no boys were allowed .... hubby and the boys to a neighbor/friend's for the evening.  My friends and I had lots of good conversations, laughs and lots of good food too!  I gave away the True Colors and Winter Garden books to 3 lucky friends at party.  I bet they'll be passed around and shared by the rest.  Thanks to House Party and my friends for the wonderful, relaxing girl time!

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