Sunday, January 31, 2010

Say Cheese!!

A number one rule in good couponing/stockpiling etiquette is not to buy an item in bulk leaving none on the shelves for other shoppers.  The Kraft Cheese at the Meijer I went to today was extremely well stocked with more being stocked while I was there.

Go to Meijer today!!  I stress "today" because this deal will only work today...Sunday January 31st.  I went this morning and one sentence sum's up my trip.....

I am stocked up on cheese for a long while!!

The Kraft Cheese Deal worked exactly as I'd hoped ... and heard ... it would! 

After multiple .... multiple .... transactions I came home with 54 bags of Kraft Shredded Cheese, 10 bricks of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, a gallon of milk and 2 coffee cakes (a splurge with the $5 catalina from my last cheese transaction) for breakfast.

I spent $5.44 out of pocket and saved $195.10 ... $102 of that was in coupon savings!  That's 97% saved!!

If you can't make it today or don't have many cheese coupons .... the Kraft Cheese Sale at Meijer this week is still very good even without the catalina that ends today.  Order coupons today to use later in the week to get bags of cheese for about $.50 a bag.

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Tosha said...

Did your friend go back into the forest park Meijer? She forgot her cream cheese!

I thought I got a lot with 30 cheeses and 11 cream cheese;)

Becky said...

Actually we hadn't left the store yet so when we went back up front to do our next round of transactions the cashier gave it to her. Thanks!!

Terrie said...

I know you said you can freeze shredded cheese and it turns out fine, but what about the cream cheese? Can it be frozen?

Becky said...

I asked that same question today too! I've not done it before so I don't know. This is what I found ... Maybe no? Maybe yes?

My guess is that frozen cream cheese would be more likely okay if it is going to be melted in a recipe instead of using it as a spread after thawing.

The cream cheese I bought this morning is good through the end of May. I bet we'll use it by then so freezing it probably isn't necessary for me.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

Jan said...

I went to Meijer this evening and got 5 blocks of cream cheese and 42 bags of shredded cheese. The kids went with me and Zach thought it was the coolest thing that I got that much cheese and didn't pay a thing for it. I think I may have a future coupon king! LOL Thanks Becky for the tips on this. Your the best!!!!!

Becky said...

YEAH Jan!!!