Sunday, January 24, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

It's Week 2 of the Challenge to Eat from the Pantry.  Preparing our meals from items already in my pantry and freezer hasn't been much of a challenge since we were pretty well stocked up.  My biggest challenge has been trying to let go of my addiction to taking advantage of EVERY deal out there!  Unfortunately .... or maybe not since I've gotten GREAT deals on toilet paper and laundry detergent .... I haven't done a very good job of letting go.  I know who am I trying to convince.  I definitely think that if or when I try the Eat from the Pantry thing again, I'll need to define what it means to me a little better.

This week's meals aren't terribly exciting but most are normal meals that we have frequently.  I am looking forward to Shepherd's Pie on Sunday.  It's something we've not had before. I'll let you know we think.

I'm hosting my first House Party here on Saturday night.  (More about House Party coming soon) I'm excited!  It will be a Girl's Only night so I'm kicking the boys (including my hubby) out for the evening.  Since all the holiday parties have come and gone so recently .... I'd love any appetizer suggestions.  I'm a little tired of our regular choices.  So if you have a favorite .... send me the recipe please!!!

Here's what's for dinner this week....
  • Monday -Tuna Casserole
  • Tuesday - Leftovers
  • Wednesday -Rice a Roni with Meat Mix (from my Time Saving Cooking) & Peas for a one skillet meal
  • Thursday - Pesto & Tomato Pasta
  • Friday -Homemade Pizza
  • Saturday - House Party!   Not sure what hubby & the boys will be eating but I'll be enjoying appetizers here with friends!
  • Sunday - Shepherd's Pie with Meat Mix (from my Time Saving Cooking) and the extra mashed potatoes I froze last time I made them
What are you having for dinner this week?

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