Monday, October 11, 2010

Trick or Treat: Halloween Restaurant Coupons

Halloween is coming fast!  What do you do with all the candy your kids get?  We dump it all into a box in the pantry.  Then it's fair game for all ... and I'll be honest and admit that I eat probably more than my share.  It's no surprise that I kind of like coupons, right?  So I think giving and getting coupons for Trick or Treat is pretty cool too.  Here are some of the Halloween coupons that I know about.  Are there others?  If so, let me know and I'll add them to this list.

Buy 8 Free Kids Meal Coupons for just $1.00.  They can be purchased until 10/31 and redeemed from 11/1/10 - 12/14/10.  Good for dine in only.  No additional purchase is necessary.

Buy 10 Jr Frosty Coupons for $1.00.  Purchase them until 10/31 and redeem them from 11/1/10 - 2/1/11.  No purchase is necessary to redeem them.

Buy 12 McDonald's Coupons for $1.00.  Each set includes coupons for 3 Free Apple Dippers, 3 Free Small Cones, 3 Free Apple Juice or Milk Jug and 3 Free Hamburgers.  They can be purchased until 10/31 and redeemed from 11/1/10 -12/31/10.

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