Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time to Redeem Swagbucks & Survey Points

Christmas is less than 2 months away!  It doesn't seem possible but it's coming fast no matter what.  Have you been saving up Swagbucks and Survey Site points to help save on Christmas spending?  If so it's time to start redeeming those to be sure you'll have them in time.

Swagbucks ~ There are some things to remember about redeeming Swagbucks.  You can only redeem 2 prizes per day.  Only 5 identical prizes can be redeemed per month.  Do the math to see which prizes are the best deal.  For example a $5 Amazon card is a better value than a $25 or $50 card. But a $50 card is a better value than a $25 one.  Go figure?  Of course you know by now that I'm partial to the Amazon Gift cards but remember there are lots of other things in the Swag Store too.

Survey Sites ~ I haven't been very good about checking my Survey email account and taking surveys lately.  But for those of you who have (and for the little I have accumulated) now is the time to start redeeming those points too.  In some cases a you will have the option to receive a check or Paypal deposit.  Or you may be choosing from a list of prizes or gift cards.  Either way it may take several weeks to get them.  I'm planning to choose gift cards for gifts for my boys' teachers.

If you haven't started using Swagbucks and Survey Sites to earn a little extra, get started now!
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