Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blockbuster Express: Use Free Codes Online!

Remember the days of going to the video store, wandering the aisles looking for a movie to rent?  Paying $4-$5 a night for a rental??  I have no idea how long it has been since I've been to a video store.  I think they still exist??  Anyway for the past several years now Redbox has been our most convenient choice to rent a movie.  $1 a night?  Sweet!!  Since there were 4 kiosks within a 2 mile radius of our house, I prefer to go online, find a movie we want and then rent it online from the location that has it in stock.  No standing in front of the kiosk paging through the available titles.  My only complaint is that the Free Rental Codes that Redbox offers can't be used online.  I know they only cost $1 a night but I'd rather keep that $1 in my pocket whenever possible.

Just recently 2 of the 4 Redbox kiosks in my area have been replaced with Blockbuster Express.  They work the same as Redbox.  $1 per night, rent online or at the kiosk, return by 9 pm the next day or pay another $1.  Well imagine my surprise the first time that we rented from Blockbuster Express.  Right there on the Checkout Screen is a space for a Promotional Code.  Yay!!  Free movies!!

I'll start posting the promotional codes I find for both Blockbuster Express and Redbox too.

Thanks to the Coupon Dad here are some good through the end of July for Blockbuster Express.  They can be used once per credit card.  They may be regional and not good everywhere.  I have already used all 3. 

Free Rental Code: GT16A (expires 7/30/2010)
Free Rental Code: GT17A (expires 7/30/2010)
Free Rental Code: G417A (expires 7/30/2010)

Find Blockbuster Express or Redbox locations near you. We rent movies often enough that I'm sure I'll be checking both to find the movie we want. 

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