Friday, June 18, 2010

Sunday Enquirer Subscription for $20!!

It's been awhile since I shared this ....  It's such a great deal that I thought that it's worth sharing again.

Coupon inserts in the Sunday paper are the probably the most well known coupon source. Getting them though can mean having to pay for the paper.  I used to go out every Sunday morning to buy a paper ... okay really I used to try to remember to go out every Sunday morning to buy a paper.  More often than not I forgot though.  Finally I decided to start having the paper delivered instead. Until I discovered this great piece of information, I was paying $19 every 11 weeks for the paper.

Now .... I pay just $20 a year.  You can too if you live in the Greater Cincinnati area.  Here's how ....  Go here to subscribe to the Bethel Journal. The Bethel Journal is a community paper that will be mailed to you weekly on Thursday's.  It costs $18 a year if you live in Clermont County or $20 a year if not. So why do you want the Bethel Journal if is don't live in or near Bethel?  An annual subscription to the Bethel Journal includes the delivery of the Sunday Enquirer at no extra charge! I know several people who have several subscriptions to get several sets of coupons.

Update:  FYI .... I have gotten emails with the same question from several people so I wanted to add the answer here.  You won't be asked to pay for the Bethel Journal Subscription online.  A bill will be sent to you a few weeks after you subscribe and once a year after that.

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Anonymous said...

NO BRAINER! Thanks for this tid-bit! We are paying 6.95 a month for just the Sunday paper - now, just $18 a year.