Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Swagbucks ... More Chances to Win!

Whether you're a Swagbucks pro, not gotten started yet or somewhere in between ... this week is the time to make sure to use Swagbucks for every search you do!  They are doubling the opportunities to win Swagbucks.  Have you noticed?  I won a total of 50 Swagbucks yesterday and 61 today!  How?  Just by searching for things on the internet.  The Swagbucks toolbar makes it easy to remember to use Swagbucks.

Plus .... New Swagbuck users can start their Swagbucks Account with 50 Swagbucks by entering     Swag Code SWAGNATION5 when you sign up!  Good through May 7th.

Winning with Swagbucks is so unbelievably easy!  There is no reason not to do it.  I'll offer a secret .... it's really not a secret but it may be something you haven't thought of before.  In the past I used my bookmarks for all of my "regular" sites.  Not anymore.  Whenever I want to go to my email account, I do a Swagbucks search for Yahoo email.  If I want to go to Facebook, I search for Facebook.  And so on ....

Have questions about Swagbucks??  Get more info here OR ... Ask Away. Comment or email me.  I'll get back to you with an answer.

Share your Swagbuck winning success stories!

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