Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Swagbucks Question & Answer

I just received an email from a reader with a question that others may have so I wanted to share it here.  I know that lots of you have signed up with Swagbucks ... if not go here to learn more and get started! ... and are watching your account grow.  Yay!!  Now what?  Have you redeemed your Swagbucks for things in the Swag Store yet?  I've shared many times that my favorite item is a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card for 450 Swagbucks.

So here is the question I recevied.....

About how long does an Amazon gift card take to get to you when you purchase it with your swagbucks?

The answer is the same for most gift cards in the Swag Store....not just Amazon. In most cases Gift Cards are electronic gift cards.  That means that instead of receiving a gift card by mail you will receive a gift card code to use online.  Once you request a prize from the Swag Store, you will receive an email from Swagbucks asking you to verify your request.  The code for you e-gift card will show up in the "My Gift Cards" section of your Swagbucks account about 7-10 business days after your prize verification.  Another email will be sent once your prize has posted to your account. 

Physical prizes from the Swag Store ... anything other than Gift Cards ....  take about 14 business days from verification to ship out.  Once shipped though it can take another 2 weeks before you receive your prize.

Just an FYI...you can only redeem your Swagbucks for 2 prizes per day and only 5 identical prizes per month. If you want to accumulate Amazon Gift Cards, Paypal cash or lots of any one thing, don't wait until your ready to use your gifts to redeem your Swagbucks. I redeem mine when I have enough to do so.

What prizes have you won with your Swag Bucks??  I'd love to know your favorites!

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