Monday, April 26, 2010

Market Research - Paid Focus Groups

Woo Hoo! I'm so excited! I qualified for a Market Research Focus Group today. It's been a long time since I've qualified for one. This one pays $100 for 2 hours of time.  Read on to see how to find out if you may qualify for this study also...that is if you're a local reader.

Are you familiar with Market Research/Focus Groups?  Just like with online surveys, a company uses a Market Research company to collect information, thoughts and opinions about a product or idea they are developing.  In a lot of cases that information is gathered in the form of a focus group ... several people around a table sharing ideas.  Sometimes a study can be centered around a take home product.  Pick up a product, use the product, fill out and return a survey.  I've done a few studies where I am observed as I walk through a mock grocery store.  Someone is watching what I pick up and stop to read. 

I am registered with a few different companies. I get phone calls and emails with screeners for upcoming studies.  The answers to the screener questions determine who is asked to participate in the study/focus group. 

The best part of Market Research Studies and Focus Groups is that they pay quite well and in most cases they pay right there at the study site.  No waiting for a check or to reach enough points to cash out.

On to the Focus Group that I mentioned above ....

Here are the details ...
Assistance in Marketing (AIM) is looking for women ages 25-58 who enjoy baking from scratch or ready to bake products. You must have internet access and be comfortable using the computer. 
This 2 hour study is May 6th or 7th at AIM and pays $100.  The pre-study homework will be baking something and then posting about the baking experience on a blog site that will be provided to you.
If interested, Call Betty at 683-6600 to see if you qualify.

I'll be there on Thursday afternoon ... let me know if by chance you will be too!

I'll work on getting the names and numbers for the other companies I get calls from posted in the next few days so you can get registered too!

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Tosha said...

I find it amusing you call Betty for a baking research study, lol. Congrats on finally qualifying for a study. I've had those long stretches were I get told "sorry you don't qualify" too. It makes me want to stop answering the phone!

Qualitative Market Research said...

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