Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Homemade Bread Crumbs

I've read ... and used .... lots of Works for Me Wednesday tips.  I'm so excited to share my first one!!

Lately, the blog world (or should I say the world of blogs I read) seems to be filled with posts about freezer cooking, time saving tips in the kitchen and money saving tips too.  I spent last Friday filling my freezer with chicken cooked in a few different ways that will make 7 dinners steps easier when it's time to prepare them.  Money Saving Mom has a series of posts about the freezer cooking she did this week.  Maybe some day I'll be as organized as she is!!  Lots of bloggers have linked up their freezer cooking day results here.

I have a time saving/money saving tip that I wanted to share with you.  I got this tip online somewhere few years ago but don't remember where one so I apologize for not properly citing my source.

What does your family do with the end or heels of a loaf of bread?  Eat them or throw them out?  I admit we're picky and only eat them as a last resort (ie if there is no other bread is in the house.)  When that's all that is left in the bread bag ... into the trash can the bag plus the ends would go.  Not anymore.

Do you buy bread crumbs?  Or do you make them yourself each time you need them?  I don't do either.

Now each time we finish a loaf of bread I add the heels from that loaf to a bread bag in my freezer.  Every so often ... whenever the bag is full or we are low on bread crumbs ... I toast the bread heels in the oven and use my food processor to make bread crumbs.  I keep them in a container in my kitchen cabinet.  I can add my own seasonings and herbs to suit what ever dish I am preparing.

As you can see ... my 5 yr old thinks adding and watching the toasted bread turn into bread crumbs is pretty cool!  I love things like this that are both fun for him and productive for me!

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'Becca said...

Great tip! I don't make many recipes that use breadcrumbs, but when we have a lot of old-ish bread I make a bread pudding. I put frozen blueberries and canned pineapple in the last one, and it was so yummy!

I use these recipes for odds and ends of vegetables and fruit.