Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meijer Trip Feb 23rd


I haven't posted about a grocery trip for almost 2 weeks.  Really I haven't hardly shopped for 2 weeks.  My only trips have been for milk, bread and produce.  Wait didn't I do that on purpose back in January?  This time it wasn't intentional.  There hasn't been much to get excited about AND my stockpile is in really good shape so I didn't need to shop.

You'll see that I bought 2 jars of peanut butter.  We go through peanut butter Crazy fast.  PB&J sandwiches for lunch.  Peanut butter toast for breakfast.  Peanut butter crackers for snacks.  Sometime in the last year there was a GREAT sale + coupon + catalina on Skippy peanut butter at Meijer.  I think I bought 24 jars.  Seemed obnoxious at the time but now I'm sad that it's gone!  I should have kept better track of the GREAT sales over the last year because they do tend to repeat themselves.  Does anyone remember (or have tracked) when the PB deal last year?  I hope something stock up worthy comes along soon!

Anyway ... today's trip.  Here's what I bought:

Coffee Filters ~~~  $3.29 Of course coffee filters are a necessity!
 Minus $1.00 off coffee filters catalina making them $2.29
2 Jars of Skippy Peanut Butter ~~~ $2.25 ea PB is another necessity!
 Minus 2 $.40 off one Skippy coupons making them $1.45 ea
2.25 lbs of Grapes ~~~ $2.00
2 Loaves of Aunt Millies Bread ~~~ $1.29 ea (Gasp! No Coupons)
2 Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage ~~~ $1.99
 Minus $1.00/2 coupon making them $1.49 ea
4 Containers of Off the Bone Ham ~~~ $2.29 ea
 Minus a Buy 3 Get 1 Free coupon making them $1.72 ea
1 3lb Bag of Apples ~~~ $1.50
2 Danimals Coolision Yogurt ~~~ $1.99 ea
 Minus 2 $1.00 off coupons making them $.99 ea
3 Bags of Meijer Pretzels ~~~ $1.33 ea
2lb of Ground Chuck ~~~ $3.54

I spent $30.37 out of pocket and saved $19.69 ... $7.89 of that was coupons. That's a savings of 40%.

Not the best ever BUT trips like this make the super great ones even more fun!

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