Tuesday, February 09, 2010

All You $.67 / Issue Lots of Coupons!

ENDED!  Watch for this again though maybe?

I haven't told you about any other coupon sources lately so I'm excited to do so now!

All You is a magazine I enjoy reading PLUS it's full of coupons! 
I really like that there is an index in the back of the magazine listing each and every coupon in the issue plus the page numbers where the coupon can be found. My last subscription ran out a few months ago.  I'm really missing it so this is the perfect time to start it up again!

All You issues can be purchased for around $2.40 per issue.  I get to offer you a savings of about $1.73 per issue!!  Yep that's right you can get 40 issues ... one per month ... of All You delivered right to you at home for just $.67 per issue ... or $27 total.  The All You coupons will save you so much more than the cost of the subscription.

This All You promotion is being offered by Campus Fundraisers however this isn't a fundraiser at all ... instead the funds from this purchase that would usually be raised are being refunded back to you.  The 40 issue subscription sells for $40.  Campus Fundraisers will then credit your method of payment back $13 for a total purchase price of $27.

Here's how:
Go Here to Order All You to before Feb 13th
Click on the Support Our Group Link
Order 40 Issues of All You for $40
Watch for your $13 credit back to your original payment method
Start saving with all the great All You coupons!!
Your first issue may take 10-12 weeks to get to you.

Other info to note:

See another magazine that interests you?  The $13 credit offer applies to any magazine with a subscription price of $40 or more.

I've been told that the $13 credit will be processed within 24 hours of your order but NOTE that with my previous life banking experience (I was a branch manager for 9 yrs) I know that it may take a 2-5 days for the credit to actually be processed by the bank.

If you choose to pay by check you only need to write it for $27 and of course won't receive the $13 credit.

Already have an All You Subscription but want to take advantage of this offer?  Go ahead as I outlined above and make sure that all the info (name, address etc.) is exactly the same as your current subscription.  The 40 issues will be added on to you current subscription.

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