Saturday, January 16, 2010

Target Toy Clearance 75% Off

First I need to apologize ... This post SHOULD have been up first thing yesterday. I left Target, came home for a shower and was gone the rest of the day.

I've learned from Carrie at Money Saving Methods that the principle of Stockpiling can be used on much more than groceries. She does a GREAT job at shopping for family & friends birthdays, weddings, baby showers and of course Christmas all year long.  Her goal is to spend no more than 25% on the gifts she wants to give.  She makes a spreadsheet listing all the people she knows she will needs gift for and what occasion the gift will be given. The spreadsheet then stays in her purse so that while out and about she can watch for GREAT sales and clearance items to buy for those gifts.  Check out her Sale Shopping Successfully Post to learn just how she does it.

I remembered Carrie's Post from her shopping trip to Target for clearance toys last year so I was excited when I started hearing from various sources that the 75% toy clearance would be coming soon!  I went to Target on Wednesday morning ... The toy clearance was 30% off.  I went to Target on Thursday morning ... everything was still at 30% off.  I went to Target early on Friday morning ... and finally saw the 75% off signs lining the toy clearance aisles.  There were more toys on the shelves than there had been on the previous 2 days AND I had the toy aisles all to myself with hardly any other shoppers in sight.  

Here's what I bought for only $103.93 ... toys originally priced at about total of $400!!

I am finished shopping for birthday's for 2 of my nephews and a close friend's 2 little girls.  I have 4 gifts to go in a gift closet for the many birthday parties my kids get invited to throughout the year.  My oldest got a new lunch bag ... his has been lost for several weeks but I was holding out on buying a new one.  And I bought a new ice cream scoop .... to replace the one we've been using for years.  It was beyond needing to be replaced ... I didn't know that a metal ice cream scoop could get a hole in it?? 

So now that I've started shopping for my gift stockpile I need to start my spreadsheet too!  I don't want to have the toys that were just put in the attic to be forgotten about.  I can't wait to add to it.  I'll let you know .... a little sooner next time ... when I find such great clearance.  I hear that Target does it again with toys sometime in June or July.

Check out what Carrie got on her trip to Target!  Looks like I still have a lot to learn!

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Anonymous said...

Becky, I keep meaning to tell you about my Christmas shopping. I usually have the majority of stocking stuffers and any wrapping paper, tags etc just weeks after CHristmas, ready for the next year. All those silly little Christmas themed toys, candy, etc, that you would never want to pay full price for (example rubber duck with santa hat $3). But 75 cents? I'll take 4 please. Also right about now and into early February, Kohls will have 90% off and if you really search through you can find a cute sweater in the right size for just a dollar or two. I have gotten my in-laws (who live in Alaska)Christmas gifts there for a couple of years now. Even if they aren't fashionable enough for my 14 year old niece, I know she can wear them up at the cabin on weekends. Apparently my nephew liked the sweater I sent this Christmas so much, he wore it that day! I think I spent $3 on that at KMart, in mid-February. I also got cute snowman pj pants with matching slipper socks at KMart last year for my nicec this year. She put them on right then and there! $2 (origanally $10). Love, Nancy