Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Learn From My Mistake!!


Two days ago when I discovered a $70 mistake I made I said a little more than Oooops.
So this is when I get to emphasize "Do as I say, not as I did!"
(Read to the end for an unbelievable outcome!)

Back in December (one of my very first posts) I posted a link from Money Saving Methods about a rebate to get McAfee Internet Protection for FREE (it's expired now)  I didn't need to update mine just yet but FREE sounded good to me so I ordered it anyway.  As soon as it came I followed the rebate instructions, put the required papers in an envelope and addressed it.  BUT I was out of stamps.  I go to the Post Office pretty often so no big deal ... I left the envelope on my desk.  Well you know that one place in every house where EVERYTHING gets piled?  Yeah that's my desk!  You see where this is headed right?  Uh Huh .... about 2 weeks ago .... while working on the task of cleaning off my desk I found it.  The envelope addressed to McAfee for the rebate.  I took it to the post office.  I was thankful that I'd found it and that it was on it's way.  I didn't give it another thought.

Monday I received an email from McAfee.  My rebate was invalid because the required post mark was 1/4/10.  I was not a happy girl .... but had no one to blame but myself!

I noticed a Email Us link on the Rebate Status page and thought (even though I was sure what the answer would be) that I had nothing to lose by sending an email.  So I did!  I didn't plead my case ... after all it was my fault.  I just filled out the form and sent the email.

Today I get an email back .... "Thank you for your rebate inquiry.  You are a valued McAfee customer so we are pleased to inform you that we have updated your record.  Your rebate submission is now valid."  Can you see me doing the Happy Dance??

Way to go McAfee!! I never expected that!

2 Things I learned  re-learned.....

NEVER leave a rebate on my desk to be mailed later AND it NEVER hurts to ask!!

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Carrie @ said...

Great advice. Always ask! In most cases, Customer Service is willing to help.

katy said...

That's great! I've done that before but just for smaller dollar amounts and not followed up on any.