Friday, January 08, 2010

Jungle Jim's Lots of Reduced Produce!!

For my local readers ...

A friend just called me from Jungle Jim's to tell me that they have a TON of reduced produce today. I was heading to Meijer to use the coupons I ordered and now I'm adding Jungle Jim's to my list too!

Buying reduced items, like produce and meats, at all the stores I shop at is a way that I save a lot. Meats gets reduced when the "Sell By Date" is very near. It is still perfectly good meat. Usually, unless we're going to eat it right away of course, the reduced meats I buy go right into my freezer so the approaching sell by date doesn't really matter. Fresh produce gets eaten pretty quickly anyway so I always check the reduced areas first. One of my favorite time saving things to is buy extra bell peppers when I find them reduced. I dice and/or slice them all, put them on a cookie sheet and into the freezer. Once they're frozen, I put them into a large freezer bag. Since they're already frozen, they don't stick together and I can easily pull out only the amount I need when I need them. Reduced bananas can be frozen to use in banana bread or smoothies. (Unfortunately I'm not a fan of bananas so I don't do this myself.) Berries & broccoli freeze well too!

For anyone who isn't a local reader, if you are ever in the Cincinnati Area, Jungle Jim's an amazing place to shop or even just to visit!

I'll post about my trip later!

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Susie said...

We went last week when we were home and saved BIG on produce! We also stocked up on stuff that we can't get up here and luckily LaRosa's sauce was on sale too :)