Sunday, December 27, 2009

Swagcode Out....Good Until 7 PM PST

There is a Swagcode available until 7 PM PST .... that's 10 PM EST. (I earned a Swagbuck on a search just to find out the time zone conversion for this post!)  If you've set up your Swagbucks account and downloaded the toolbar, you should see an envelope in a red square in the toolbar with the words "From TSG" and a number next to it.  The number indicates the number of Swagbuck messages you have waiting for you.  Click on it and you should find the Swagcode that is available now.  Copy it, go to your Swagbucks homepage and paste the code in the box that says "Enter a Swagcode" and click "Gimme."

If you haven't set up your Swagbucks' account yet go here to do so!

Don't know what Swagbucks is yet?  Go here to see my original post about it.