Thursday, November 04, 2010

Kroger Mega Sale: Unadvertised Items

Have you made a trip to Kroger for the Mega Sale yet this week?  If so, how did you do?  I haven't gone yet and probably won't go until next week.  I'm sure my list will be long and .... I'm hoping that the savings will be great!

There are several advertised deals like chicken broth and canned fruits that will be on my list.  But what about the unadvertised deals?  You know that there always are some!  Bridgett at Savings Lifestyle has taken care of us.  She spent a lot of time walking the aisles at Kroger in search of all of the unadvertised participating items and posting the match-ups for us!  Find her complete list here along with the advertised list here

Happy Shopping and Saving!

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