Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unplanned Freezer Cooking 10-19-10

Unplanned Freezer Cooking is becoming a normal thing for me!  I'm sure that somewhere in another Freezer Cooking post way back when I probably suggested that it's best to start a Freezer Cooking Day with a well thought out plan.  Recipes together, an ingredients list and shopping trip plus lots of free time.  Well that just isn't happening around here lately!  Instead my freezer cooking is becoming much more impromtu.

I made a trip to Jungle Jim's yesterday just for fruits and veggies. That's it ... that's all I was going to buy.  But I couldn't possibly pass up ground beef marked down to $1.59/lb.  Especially since I had just commented to my hubby that while our freezer is full ... it's full of lots of the same things and is lacking variety.

So today ... not a day with much free time ... I prepared all 10 lbs of ground beef to go into the freezer for future dinners.  In two hours time I was able to add 12 hamburgers, 2 bags of taco meat and 4 bags of meat mix (ground beef with onions and peppers) to my freezer.  The burgers and taco meat will be enough for 2 dinners each.  The meat mix I'll use in spaghetti sauce or beef vegetable soup or whatever else I need ground beef in.  That's 8 dinners in all that will be a few steps easier when they end up on my menu plan!

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Katie said...

Awesome job! I hardly ever find marked down meat...at a good price like that!