Monday, September 27, 2010

Swaggernaut Appreciation Day Tuesday 9/28

If you're a faithful Swagbucks user then you know that there have been a few bumps with the Swagbucks site lately.  There is a new post on the Swagbucks blog that says "We've made it through the weeds ..."  To thank us for our patience, help and loyalty tomorrow, Tuesday Sept 28th, will be Swaggernaut Appreciation Day!! Who knows what that will mean for sure but I'd bet it'll mean some Swag Codes.

If you're not a Swagbucks user, Why not??  It is so easy to search and win! Go here to learn more or here to get started!

Unfortunately I will be gone for most of the day.  I haven't yet given in to my want for a phone with internet access so I'm probably going to miss most of the excitement.  If you are a Swagbucks user and follow Saving Bits and Pieces on Facebook, then I need your help!  If you see that a new code is out will you please post a message on the Facebook Page to alert others that it's out.  Remember though - Don't Post the Code Itself!!  Just a clue where to find it ie. Check the Widget, See the Blog, Message in the Toolbar etc.

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