Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Savings Newsletters - Part 1

There are many email newsletters available that offer coupons, savings offers and great tips! I have a separate email account that use when signing up for these offers.  Every few days I sign into that email account and see what is there waiting for me.

I have told you about many email newsletter offers.  There are so many available though! I thought I'd post about a few each day for the next 4 days.  It only takes a minute to sign up for each of these.  And it's especially easy if you use Roboform like I do.  Most if not all of the required info can be filled in with one click of your mouse.  Sign up for each of these to be sure you don't miss a great coupon or offer!

Today I have 4 Newsletter Offers that all come from Home Depot.  I just checked to see if I'm signed up for each of them to be sure that I'm taking advantage of all of the saving potential.

Home Depot Improver

Home Depot's Home Improver's Club:  Home Improvements always (in my house at least) have a way of costing more than planned.  Join Home Depot's Home Improver's Club and get money-saving offers and time-saving tips now!  Click Here

Home Depot Movers:  Since I'm not moving any time soon I can't take advantage of this one. But if you are or if you have moved recently, sign up for the Home Depot Movers and receive a coupon for  10% off your first purchase.  Plus sign up to receive customized emails with projects, checklists and information timed to every phase of your move.

Home Depot Garden Club:  This is one of my favorites!  They have sent out many great coupons over the past several months.  Just because Summer is coming to an end doesn't mean that the garden needs are over for the year.  Sign up for this one so you won't miss anything yet to come!

Home Depot - Pro Newsetter

Home Depot Pro Newsletter:  Receive access to special savings via the Home Depot Pro Newsletter.  This one is new to me so we'll find out what they send out together.

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