Thursday, August 05, 2010

Freezer Cooking Results 8/2

I spent some time in the kitchen Tuesday afternoon.  It wasn't as ambitious as previous freezer cooking days but nonetheless I have 6 dinners worth of chicken in my freezer!

 I started with 2 Chicken Fajita Packets.  Very easy and basic but oh so nice when it comes time for dinner!  The chicken breasts, pepper and onions are cut up in strips and in separate baggies.  I put all three in a larger bag with a packet of fajita seasoning.  When this goes on a Menu Plan I'll just have to add flour tortillas and cheese.
I love how the fresh ingredients for the Spicy Southwest marinade look in my blender!

Next I made 2 marinades .... Asian and Spicy Southwest.  Both are fresh, tasty marinades.  I trimmed chicken breasts and put them in bags with the marinades.  I have 2 of each in the freezer.  I had hoped to have 6 meals worth total but I underestimated how much chicken I would need for each.  I keep forgetting that my boys appetites are growing.  What used to be plenty is now sometimes not enough.  I have a bottle of the Spicy Southwest marinade in the fridge (made too much.)  It's going to go on a Pork Tenderloin for one of next week's dinners. 

It feels so good to have meals and parts of meals in the freezer!  What do you prepare ahead of time and freeze??

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