Friday, August 27, 2010

Entenmann's Store - $10.97 for All of This!

I haven't posted my trips to the Entenmann's Store recently but it's not because I haven't been going.  Over the last 2 months I have gone only once.  During the last third of the month when the 50% off coupon is good of course.  I've bought 12 loaves of bread each month and guess what?  I haven't had to buy bread again all month long!  The chest freezer my mom gave us for Christmas a few years ago is well used and makes a once a month bread purchase possible.

Don't know about the Entenmann's Store or the 50% off coupon?  See this post for all the details.  I'm not sure if the calendars (with the coupons) are still available or not.  You can't beat the deals even without the coupons though.

So on with my trip .... I bought 12 loaves of Arnold Dutch Country Bread, 2 Bags of Thomas' Mini Bagels and 3 Packages of Thomas' English Muffins.  Everything was priced at $1.29 ea.  After my 50% off coupon I paid just $10.97 for it all!

I bet the deals at the Entenmann's store are very similar to any Bakery Outlet or day old bread store (as my mom always called them.)  Find one in your area and make it a regular stop!

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