Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Win 4 Swagbucks a Day ... Every Day!

I bet you know by now that I LOVE SWAGBUCKS!!!  I get a thrill every time I search and win.

There are lots of ways to earn Swagbucks.  The most common of course is using Swagbucks for every search you do.  Sometimes you win and sometimes you don't.  Swagbucks occasionally posts Swagbucks codes in various places ... the Swagbucks Blog, the Toolbar, Twitter and the Swagbucks Widget.  Sometimes you may see those before they expire and sometimes you may not.  FYI:  I post on Facebook when there is a Swagcode out and where to find it.  If you're not following Saving Bits and Pieces on Facebook you should be.

In addition to these ways to earn did you know that you can get ...
4 Swagbucks a day?  Everyday!

Get one Swagbuck everyday in each of the following ways:
  1.  Everyday you will get one Swagbuck just for logging in to the Toolbar.  Don't have the toolbar?  Go to your Swagbucks account and download it now.  Don't have an account?  Get one now.
  2. Everyday you can get one Swagbuck just by clicking through the No Obligation Special Offers.  The link is in the Quick Links list on the Swagbucks homepage.  You can choose to submit or skip each offer.  Your Swagbuck will be awarded at the end of the few pages of offers.
  3. Everyday you will get one Swagbuck by clicking on the Trusted Surveys link. It's in the
     Quick Links list too.
  4. Everyday you will get one Swagbuck by taking the Daily Poll.  And you guessed it ... the link is in the Quick Links list.
So that's 4 Swagbucks a day, every day .... and 28 Swagbucks a week ...  120 Swagbucks a month!!  I just earned my 4 for today and it took me about a minute.  Go get your's now!

Still reading but don't know what Swagbucks are?  Learn more here.  Or Get Started Here.

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