Friday, July 23, 2010

Share Your Savings Stories!!

Everyone loves a good story.  Especially when it's a true story!  And of course stories of savings are especially fun for me to hear and share.

A reader emailed me yesterday about her Saving Story and I wanted to share it with you!

Jennifer was having one newspaper delivered to her house weekly and was buying 7 additional papers every Sunday.  She learned about the Bethel Journal subscription with the Free Sunday Cincinnati Enquirer.  Switching is going to save her a ton of money!!

Here's the math as she sent it to me ....
I get one at my house and then buy 7 more at the store.  Figure 1 Fri-Sun Subscription is ~2.00 and then 7 x 1.75 at the store = $12.25….total each week is $14.25.  Multiply that by 52 weeks = $741.00 for 8 papers each week.   By getting the Bethel Journal deal—8 x $20 for the whole year = $160.00
$581.00 savings!!!!!!
Thanks again!

Oh the possibilities .... what to do with an extra $581?  
Way to go Jennifer!!

Send me your Savings Story.  I want to share them here so we can all be inspired by each other. 

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