Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jungle Jim's Trip & Fun Outing 7/23

More often than not when my boys ask for a snack I say "Get something good for you." They know that means a fruit or vegetable.  Well as you can see by this picture of the fruit and veggie drawers in my fridge they haven't had many choices the last few days.  It was definitely time for a trip to Jungle Jim's. 

With nothing planned and weather too hot to play outside, I decided to make the trip to Jungle Jim's a fun outing.  I told each of my boys that I wanted them to pick out one fruit and one vegetable while we were shopping.  It is so much easier to get them to make healthy choices when they themselves pick out what to have in the house.  It was a fun experience! As we walked the awesome produce area at Jungle Jim's I quizzed them to see if they knew the names of some fruit and veggies.  I was surprised that they all knew what an eggplant was.  I quickly learned that one of the special items in a Mario Bros video game is an eggplant.  So that's how they knew!!

We came home with carrots and bananas picked out by Zachary.  (He's the least daring one when it comes to veggies!)  Fresh Green Beans and watermelon picked out by Logan.  And Oranges and Kiwi picked out by Dylan.  His veggie choice was Sugar Snap Peas but $4.99/lb was too steep for me so he choose 2 fruits instead.  I added other veggies and few other things like honey, hot dog buns, reduced ground beef and tortillas.  It wasn't the most thrifty trip.  I spent $53.41 and saved $8.08.  Of course coupons for fresh fruits and vegetables are scarce.  I am very partial to the fresh produce at Jungle Jim's.  I work to save on other groceries and household items so I can spend a little more on fresh produce.

(missing the watermelon and bananas)

Oh yeah .... the missing watermelon... Just an FYI.  A watermelon doesn't stand up on it's end on the edge of a kitchen table.  A boy who wishes to remain nameless learned that the hard way.  It's now cut in pieces in a bowl in the fridge though so it wasn't lost completely.

Now will this last as long as I hope it will??

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K said...

I would also add that watermelons don't bounce when rolling out of the back of an SUV.

(from personal experience)