Thursday, July 01, 2010

I Love Productive Days!!

Some days, especially Summer Days, are much more productive than others.  I thrive on "getting things accomplished." My hubby often hears me say "I don't feel like I accomplished anything today."  When of course I've done something but maybe not what or as much as I planned to do.  I sometimes often feel overwhelmed on fun play days thinking about all of the things not getting done at home.  Is that just me?

Yesterday was a great day!  I went to a Spinning Class in the morning.  Planned a grocery trip when I got home.  Went to Subway with my family for lunch and then grocery shopping all by myself. (My shopping trip post will get done later tonight hopefully.) I was able to get everything and only the things on my list exactly as I had planned out.

I bought about 8 lbs of chicken breasts.  I put half into my crock pot with black beans, salsa and taco seasoning when I got home and shredded it when it was done.  That means that tonight's dinner is almost done!  Plus there are 2 more dinners worth in the freezer.  The other half of the chicken went into my stove top smoker for last night's dinner.  I cut up a watermelon for snacks and a picnic we're going on today.  Later after dinner I cut up the leftover smoked chicken and made chicken salad for the same picnic.  I also bought quite a bit of ground beef to cook up and freeze for future dinners.  That's the one thing on my list that I didn't get to yesterday.

Instead, I spent the evening playing kick ball and a board game with my kids, hubby and my BFF's 2 boys too.   I relax and enjoy play time much more when I've had a productive day!  I stayed up late (while my house was quiet) did some blogging and even scheduled next weeks Menu Plan Monday already.

Now I can enjoy today with my boys and lots of friends.  We're going creeking and having a picnic for lunch.  Then I get to go for a pedicure with my mom!  At the end of the day today if I say that I didn't accomplish anything productive all day it will be just fine.

Why am I telling you all of this?  It just felt like a good day to share.  What does a productive day mean to you? I hope you are getting to take and enjoy some play time too!

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