Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Jungle Jim's Ad Week of May 31st

If you're local I hope you've been to ... or at least heard of ... Jungle Jim's.  If you're not local, then put Jungle Jim's on a must visit list if you are ever in the Greater Cincinnati Area.  As the logo says Jungle Jim's is an International Market. It's also a one of a kind store like none other!  Jungle Jim's started many years ago as a produce stand and it has grown many times over the years.

Jungle Jim's does not double coupons and they do not accept printable coupons.  Even still there can be some great deals to be had and they have the best produce around.  Be sure to check the many "reduced" areas around the store including the reduced produce area which is where I do most of my fresh produce shopping.  I watch for reduced meats on every trip too!  Jungle Jim's sales run from Monday to Sunday.

Here are the deals I see this week ....

South Carolina Peaches ~~~ $.79/lb

California Crisp Celery ~~~ $.88/stalk

California Short-Cut Carrots, 1lb bag ~~~ $.88

Florida Green Bell Peppers ~~~ $.88/lb

Florida Roma Tomatoes ~~~ $.88/lb

Florida Stringless Green Beans ~~~ $.88/lb

California Iceberg Lettuce ~~~ $.88/head

Chiquita Golden Ripe Bananas ~~~ $.39/lb

New Zealand Kiwi Fruit ~~~ $.33 ea

USDA Choice Boneless Rump Roast ~~~ $1.99/lb

Center Cut Boneless Pork Loin Chops ~~~ $2.99/lb

Fresh Ground Chuck ~~~ $2.49/lb

Gerber Farms Amish Grown Chicken Drumsticks & Thighs ~~~ $.99/lb

Jungle Jim's Pork Sausage Rolls ~~~ $2.00 ea

Blue Grass Turkey ~~~ $3.99/lb
Oven Roasted, Smoked, Honey Roasted or Smoked Peppered

Land O' Frost Premium Thin Sliced Roast Beef, 10 oz ~~~ $4.99 Buy 1, Get 2 FREE

Tyson Chicken Anytizers, 10-12 ct ~~~ $2.50 ea

Steelhead Trout from Norway ~~~ $5.99/lb

Ahi Tuna Steaks #1 Sashimi ~~~ $8.99/lb

Wild Jumbo White Shrimp ~~~ $6.99/lb

Frozen Cod Loins ~~~ $3.99/lb

Jungle Jim's Jumbo Eggs ~~~ $.88/doz

Trauth Milk ~~~ $2.08/gallon

Kraft Cool Whip, 8 oz ~~~ $.98/doz

Dairy Fresh Whipped Topping, 7 oz~~~ $1.25 ea

UDF Homemade Brand, 48 oz ~~~ $3.33 ea

Popsicles, 24 ct ~~~ $2.50 ea

Meyer Sweet Tea ~~~ $1.25/gallon

2 Liter Coke Products ~~~ $1.00 ea

Dole Juice Blends, 64 oz ~~~ $2.00 ea

Hi-C Fruit Drinks, 10 pack ~~~ $1.69 ea

V8 Fusion Drinks, 46 oz ~~~ $2.79 ea

Lipton Tea Bags, 100 ct ~~~ $2.69 ea

Nesquick Chocolate or Strawberry Syrup, 22 oz ~~~ $1.49 ea

Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce, 18 oz ~~~ $1.00 ea

Progresso Bread Crumbs, 15 oz ~~~ $1.29 ea

Oscar Mayer Real Bacon Bits, 3 oz ~~~ $1.49 ea

Kraft Pasta Salad ~~~ $.99 ea

Dole Fruit Cups ~~~ $1.59 ea

Peter Pan Peanut Butter ~~~ $1.59 ea

Smucker's Grape Jelly,32oz ~~~ $1.19
$1/2 Select Smucker's Fruit Spreads 3/28 Red Plum
$1/3 Select Smucker's Fruit Spreads 5/23 Red Plum
$.69-.86 ea

Planters Mixed Nuts ~~~ $2.39 ea
Salted Cashew Halves or Salted Regular Mixed Nuts

Keebler Crackers  ~~~ $1.59 ea
Includes: Town House Crackers, Town House Bistro, Wheatables, Toasters, All Bran or Graham Crackers

UDF Homemade Brand, 48 oz ~~~ $3.33 ea

Tombstone Pizza ~~~ $2.50 ea

Birdseye and Freshlike Vegetables ~~~ $1.00

Post Cereal, 11-20 oz ~~~ $1.79
Includes Honey Roasted, Almond, Cinn Cluster Honey Bunches of Oats; Cocoa or Fruity Pebbles; Honey Combs, Golden Crisp, Waffle Crisp, Alpha Bits, Raisin Bran; Spoon Sized, Frosted or Honeynut Shredded WheatLimit 3 per family with additional $10 purchase not to include items with purchase limits

Brawny Paper Towels, 8 ct ~~~ $5.99
Limit 1 per family with additional $10 purchase not to include items with purchase limits

Purex 2x Liquid Laundry Detergent, 50 oz ~~~ $1.89Limit 2 per family with additional $10 purchase not to include items with purchase limits

Don't forget The Q Hunter to acquire additional coupons for things you want to stock up on!

Tosha at Savings Makes Cents is the only other blogger I know who does Jungle Jim's Match-ups too. Check out her list to see if there is anything she found that I didn't.

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