Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Entenmann's Store .... $8.74!!!

$8.74!!!  I bought 5 Loaves of Arnold Dutch Colony Bread, 2 Packages of Arnold Select Hamburger Buns and 5 Bags of Thomas' Mini Bagels at the Entenmann's store for only $8.74 yesterday.  The bread alone would have cost more than that at another store.  The mini bagels are a big hit at my house.  The Hamburger Buns are really soft and will be great for Sunday's dinner!

Entenmann's is part of the Midwest Bakery Outlets.  As an outlet, they sell bread products that have left the grocery stores but still haven't reached their sell by date.  I posted Here about the calendar pictured below. It contains 3 coupons for each month of the year each good for a different range of dates during the month.  Yesterday I used the 50% off coupon.  It is good from the 21st through the end of each month and is good for up to $10.00 off.  So there is still time to use this coupon this month if you haven't done so already.  Find a Midwest Bakery Outlet near you!

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Christina said...

There's a Klostermann store over here in Mason by my work-bread is 2 for $1.00 and buns are $0.55! they have some other baked goods too, but those are the prices I know of. We also have a Butternut/Hostess store but the bread is cheaper at Klostermann. Totally worth the trip at lunch!

Becky said...

Thanks Christina! I haven't heard of a Klostermann's store. I forget about the Butternut/Hostess store isn't far from me either (actually closer than the Entenmann's store.) I'll have to check it out and compare.