Thursday, March 18, 2010

Subscribe to Feeds - What does that mean??

I need start with a BIG APOLOGY! I have been encouraging you to sign up to receive Saving Bits and Pieces RSS Feeds.  The link is at the end of each post, it's in the sidebar too.  But until now I didn't fully comprehend what I was suggesting you do!

Now I do and WOW!!!

If read blogs like I do did, you go from site to site to find out if there are new things posted.  How many blogs do you read?  How many times a day do you go to them? I have my Favorite Blogs bookmarked.  Several times a day (for the last 2 years) I would click from site to site.  Not anymore!  I just subscribed to the RSS Feeds for each of those sites and now I get to see any new posts from each site all in one place.  I'm using Google Reader .... there are others to choose from though.

It works like this (or at least this is the way I understand it)....  My Google Reader shows a list of all the sites that I have subscribed to.  As Feeds (or posts) are published on those sites, they show up as unread posts in the Home Section of Google Reader.  That means that on one page I can see any and all new posts from all of my favorite blogs.  I like that I can Star things I want to save to go back to.  No more time spent clicking from site to site to check to see if there are any new posts.

Subscribe my Feeds and those of your other favorite sites and make your blog reading that much faster and easier!!

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