Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Save on Drinks

It's Spring Break time.  I know a few families who are at Disney World this week.  I have also seen several bloggers who are either counting down the days to or just planning a Disney Trip.  This time last year my family and I were at Disney.  My tip this week is something we did to save a little money while at Disney.  It isn't specific to Disney though.  We have a zoo pass, Kings Island passes and like to spend Spring and Summer days at the park picnic lunches.... and for all of those things one my biggest pet peeves is how much a drink costs.  Multiplied by 5 drinks alone for my family can cost around $12-$15 dollars.  I think that's crazy!  I'm happy with water most of the time but it's nice to have something else too.
We pack reusable drink bottles ... sports bottles, water bottles, blender bottles etc ... and individual drink mix packets.  Then use a drinking fountain to fill the bottles and mix our drinks.  My boys have fun shaking the bottles and I enjoy the savings.

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Smart Money Mom said...

I agree with you totally!! It drives me crazy how much drinks cost at parks! Love your idea with the mix packets and water!

'Becca said...

This is such a good idea. In addition to saving money, you help the environment by not throwing away a lot of plastic bottles or paper cups. (You do throw away the packets, but those are less trash.) Last time I was at Disney World, the water in that whole part of Florida tasted horrible (like sulfur) and I wish I'd had some flavoring for it!

Anonymous said...

Love this idea! We usually take water bottles, but I am thinking my kids would love the Crystal Light Lemonade mix! Thanks so much for this tip! We are heading to a park tomorrow, so I am going to put it to use right away!

Becky said...


Becca ... you're right! I hate to think where all of the plastic water bottles end up.

Christy said...

Great idea, do you know if they make these packets that are diet drinks?? Can't do nutrasweet or other artificial sweeteners any more.

Christy said...

I mean are NOT diet drinks, sheesh I should check what I write before I hit publish.