Thursday, February 18, 2010

Swagcode Alert

The Swagbucks Special Offer Code has been reset.  It's in the same place I've sent you before ...

Not signed up to earn Swagbucks yet?  Go here to get started.  Or here to learn more

Here's how to find the code:
Go to the Swagbucks Home Page
Click on Special Offers in the Quick Links List
Go to the No Obligation Offers
Scan through the offers ... selecting any that interest you and skipping any that don't
After a few pages you'll find the Swagcode
Enter it back on the home page and click on Gimme

Swagbucks are so easy to earn.  Using the Swagbucks toolbar every time you search is one way.  But did you know that you can use the Swidget at the bottom of this page to check for Swagcodes?  Click on the SC for Swagcodes then Check if there's a Swagcode.  
So far I've seen three different types of answers when checking for a Swagcode
  1. There's no Swagcode available
  2. Directions for where to find a code
  3. Sometimes .... you'll get a code right there!
I've seen the 3rd answer a few times very recently ... but not posted them here because they were only good for a VERY short time.  I'd suggest checking each time you visit here.  It only takes a second!

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