Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valetines Day!!

Hope you've had a Happy Valentine's Day spent with those you love!  We had a great stay at home day today.  I decided to do something I always say that I won't do again ..... and the outcome was GREAT!!  The boys (all of them including my hubby) and I spent the day making Valentine Treats. See my favorite new treat below.  Usually baking together starts out with lots of interest and participation .... but the participation fades very quickly and mom is left doing most of of it by herself.  We baked in stages today and everyone stuck around through most of the day.  It was an enjoyable stay at home family day!

Logan and Zachary being goofy with their licorice.

My Crew posing for a picture. 
No bunny ears for once!

Dylan worked hard helping to roll out and cut cookies.  He's not shy for the camera!

Logan and Zack worked to ice the heart shaped cookies.  
Pink was okay for once.

Our Finished Products

Dylan had a treat at his Valentine's Day party at school that I HAD to try.  Red Licorice dipped in white chocolate and topped with sprinkles.  YUM!!!  I had never seen this before.  It is sooo good and also very easy.

The boys then bundled up and delivered a plate of cookies and licorice to several neighbors.
It's time to put away the rest of the cookies.  I've eaten way too many .... they need to be out of sight!

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katy said...

The cookies look yummy! The licorice sounds good. I'd like to try it.