Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Swagbucks!!

Usually you give presents for a birthday right?  Today is Swagbucks 2nd Birthday and THEY are the ones GIVING!!!  All day long there are going to be more chances to win and increase your Swagbucks!  Check back here often .... I'll let you know if I hear of any Swagcodes. 

Today is definitely the day to sign up with Swagbucks if you haven't already done so.  A new account now starts with 30 Swagbucks just for signing up.  Watch your account grow and see just how easy it is to win Swagbucks and earn great prizes.  Amazon Gift cards are my favorite and there's a whole Swagstore full of lots of other great stuff too!

Start searching!  Let's see how many Swagbucks Saving Bits and Pieces readers can earn today.  Leave me a comment when you win or with a total of how much you win today!  Just remember to use Swagbucks for EVERY search you do.

Speaking of winning .... have you noticed that your account balance has gone up by 10 times??  Things have changed a little around Swagbucks.  All of our account balances have been multiplied by 10 .... but before you get too excited by your balance .... the cost all of the prizes in the Swagstore have an extra zero behind them too.  So everything has been multiplied by 10 meaning that it really still takes the same number of points to earn your favorite prizes.  From what I understand Swagbucks made the change so they can reward differently.  Now we may earn 12 or 15 .... Swagbucks when before they couldn't reward 1.2 or 1.5 Swagbucks.  That alone makes it sound like we'll be earning less but really the change was made so Swagbucks could reward us more often.

Another change that is REALLY IMPORTANT to take note of is....
Now you can only earn Swagbucks if you are logged in.  Still use the toolbar but make sure you are logged in.  In the past a search could award Swagbucks even if you weren't logged in so that is different.  I just did a search .... thinking I was logged in .... and the top of my search (where a Swagbuck may have been) had a message that said something like You could be earning if you were logged in.  Did I miss an opportunity to earn?  Maybe but I won't let that happen again!!

Still don't know what Swagbucks is?  Go here, read more about it and then get started winning and earning!!

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