Friday, February 26, 2010

Busy Busy Busy Day!

I hope you took advantage of all of the Swagcodes yesterday! I know I had fun watching my account grow. I really meant to post more than just Swagbuck info yesterday though. Things don't always go as planned and sometimes that's okay.  I spent most of the afternoon playing Go Fish, War and Sorry with my little guy.  He seemed to need some one on one mom time!

Today may or may not be any different. So if this is my only post for the day .... I'll apologize now. Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday and I've taken on a lot for the afternoon. (All me not anything that he expects me to do!) I'm off to make bread for a yummy Baked French Toast recipe for tomorrow's breakfast. I'll post the recipe with pictures tomorrow after it's baked. I have 10 lbs of Chicken in the fridge that I want to do something with instead of just freezing it in the packages....I'll post about that too! And of course some birthday baking. There are ingredients for 2 Pecan Pies .... hubby's favorite dessert .... on my kitchen counter.

So it's a busy day today! At least it's Friday and there won't be homework time when 2 of my boys get home from school. AND I don't have to cook dinner tonight!!


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