Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lot's to Come Today

I've been pretty much not around here the last 2 days. I have lots planned for today though so check back later!
I wanted to share what I've been up to.... I was asked to be the guest speaker at a friend's networking group tomorrow night.  Let's just say that while I like to talk I'm not particularly comfortable with public speaking.  I'm a bit lot nervous but looking forward to doing this for the first time as there are other similar events coming up.  All of my work time on Tuesday went to planning what I'm going to talk about and how I'm going to stay on track.  Couponing and saving money on groceries is something I'm very passionate about and could ramble on and on forever.  I'm hoping to be able to speak slowly ( a BIG challenge for me!), share with others just how possible it is to save on the things they already buy and even learn something to share here. 
Send me good thoughts tomorrow night please!

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Jan said...

Good Luck Becky! I know you will do a fabulous job. Looking forward to attending one of your coupon events in the futher.

Becky said...

Thanks Jan!!