Wednesday, January 06, 2010

How Did I Get Here?? Part 1

Photo Credit:  My Husband while in Colorado

It's a New Year and with that it's time for my hubby and I to sit down and talk about our goals for 2010.  I've been thinking about Budget/Financial Goals, Blogging Goals and Family Goals.  As I consider these I can't help but think ....   "How did I get where I am today?"   Sure I have a lot to learn.  I want to keep learning how to add to our household savings.  I want to get better at grocery savings, meal planning, blogging and especially family time.  But before I share my goals (since we haven't found taken the time to really talk about them) I wanted to share a little about where I started and how I ended up where I am today.

For the first 6 years I was married (and my first 4 years as a mom), I worked full time.  We had the paper delivered but cutting and using the coupons in it never occurred to me.  I grocery shopped without a list just buying whatever sounded good.  I had no idea what a good price was for the items I was buying.  We ate out a lot!  Sure it was just easier after working all day but also when cooking at home we were always missing one or more ingredients for the dinners that we decided to make.  Meal Planning....never gave it any thought!  (Oh the money we could have now if I knew then what I know now!)

So fast forward to 6 years ago....  Now married for 6 years and the mom of 2 boys, my very supportive husband and I made the decision for me to be a stay at home mom.  Could we really cut our income by my full time salary??  It was scary and exciting and overwhelming and just what I had always wanted to do!  We knew the money I was spending to work ... lunches out with co-workers, gas to and from my office, clothes and pantyhose ... could be cut out easily.  We knew we wanted baby #3 and that childcare was going to get more expensive.  (We didn't know he would come just 10 months later.)

Our eating out habits had to change. My grocery shopping habits had to change too. 

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